Do Over-the-Counter Whitening Strips Work?

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With so many tooth whitening options available in Massachusetts it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Whitening strips are certainly the least expensive option. However, they also offer significant advantages.

You will get your best tooth whitening treatment at the office of Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics. The reasons are simple and two-fold: effectiveness and safety.

Professional Solutions

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products have a decreased concentration of the active whitening ingredient, which means they need to be more worn for longer to achieve significant whitening.

Furthermore, the trays and strips you can buy at the drug store are mass-produced, which means your teeth whitening treatment can’t be customized for you. These one-size-fits-all trays might not fit your teeth, which will leave you with an uneven whitening experience.

Finally, these over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments can irritate your gums, tongue and lips.

By contrast, our Boston area cosmetic dentists offer advanced professional solutions such as KOR Whitening and Zoom! to safely and effectively whiten teeth. Zoom! is an in-office treatment that utilizes an LED light to activate the bleaching solution and whiten your teeth several shades in as little as one hour.

Because Zoom! is professionally applied and left in place only long enough to be effective, instances of sensitivity are greatly reduced as well.

We also offer take-home kits that come with customized application trays. Unlike over-the-counter whitening strips, our solutions evenly and effectively whiten every tooth in your smile, providing you with a bright, white, and amazingly beautiful smile.

If you live in the Boston area of Massachusetts and would like more information on your teeth whitening options, please contact Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics today to schedule an initial consultation.