Dental Implants for Supporting Dentures

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Historically, dentures have rested on the gums and relied on adhesives to hold them into place. As any denture wearer knows, these adhesives often fail at the most inopportune times, allowing dentures to slip or fall out during conversations or while biting or chewing. Diet restrictions often accompany dentures as well, as adhesives are incapable of providing the support necessary for biting into tougher foods.

By supporting dentures with dental implants, the Boston cosmetic dentists at Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics can help eliminate the functional problems related to adhesives. In addition, by using dental implants, jaw shrinkage and collapse are reduced, helping your dentures fit better for a much longer period of time.

Types of Implant-Supported Dentures

There are two types of implant-supported dentures:

  • Ball retained dentures – for partial dentures, these implants have a socket in which a ball on the back of the false tooth is inserted
  • Bar retained dentures – for full dentures or larger rows of missing teeth, these implants have a small metal bar to which false teeth can be clipped

The type of dental implant you require will be based on the number of teeth being replaced. Your options will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

To place dental implants, you will need to have sufficient jawbone structure. If you have insufficient structure, bone grafting may be necessary. In instances where bone grafting is not an option, alternative types of dental implants may be considered. This will be based on factors unique to your jaw and determined during your initial consultation with one of our Boston implant dentists.

If you live in or around Boston, Braintree, or Massachusetts’ South Shore and would like more information on implant supported dentures, please contact Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics online or call 781-843-7905 to schedule an initial consultation today.