Patient Reviews

Serving Patients from Boston, Braintree, Weymouth, Quincy & Nearby Areas of Massachusetts

“I am ecstatic about the fit and look of my teeth. It has been years since I felt this good about my teeth! I want my own patients to get the same level of professionalism from me and my front desk staff as I get from Pinnacle. Thank you!”
- Dr. Michael
“People don’t realize that I have porcelain veneers, they just tell me what a beautiful smile I have.”
- Stephen
“I have a renewed confidence in myself and in dealing with people. For the first time in my life I actually look forward to meeting new people and smiling. It absolutely amazes me that it has had such a positive effect on my everyday life.”
- Larry
“Your smile is your soul. The only regret I have is not getting veneers done years ago. This procedure has made my teeth into a masterpiece.”
- Maureen
“Having a great smile is like putting your best foot forward. It’s the first thing people notice about you. I could not be happier.”
- Jim
“I never realized how much a smile could affect my appearance and how much my confidence was boosted when I got my smile back. I smile so much now.”
- Marie
“When I smile at someone they can’t help but smile back. This has given me the confidence to succeed in areas of my life I never thought possible. I love my smile.”
- Grace
“My smile has given me so much confidence in dealing with people. I never realized how much I scowled because of my teeth. Now I feel myself smiling all the time”.
- Shannon
“All of the staff here are extraordinary. The results are all that I hoped they would be”.
- Mary
“I was amazed and the outcome shows it. I smile again without thinking twice”.
- Patrick
My new smile made my wedding day feel extra special.
- Linda
“I have never felt more confident in my smile or comfortable with a dental office.  The care and level of service was astounding and I always look forward to going to my appointments.  It is such a refreshing and positive experience that everyone should have with their dental professional.”
- Jennifer
“I am truly grateful to Dr. Bergman for creating my beautiful new smile. My smile makeover has been a true confidence builder.”
- Colleen