Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is a simple, safe oxygenating procedure used to lighten and brighten teeth that are discolored. This discoloration can occur due to age, the absorption of stains from food, tobacco products, dark beverages like coffee and red wine, and medications.

Take Home Whitening OptionsBoston Teeth Whitening | Teeth Whitening Kit at Home Options

For take-home whitening to be effective, we will fabricate trays that are made to fit your teeth which hold the bleaching gel against your teeth. The patient wears the bleach trays at home for at least two hours per day and can achieve their new brightened smile in 7-14 days.

KoR whitening is the latest generation of tooth whitening procedures. This technique combines the use of home bleaching trays and an in office session that results in highly effective whitening with minimal or no tooth sensitivity.

Documented scientific studies have demonstrated that neither of these tooth whitening techniques cause damage to the enamel, brittleness or weakening of the teeth.

Discuss which teeth whitening option is best for helping you realize a brighter, whiter smile by scheduling an initial consultation with Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics by calling 781-843-7905 today. Our friendly dentists and staff would be pleased to answer your questions about whitening.