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In addition to providing routine General Dental services to our patients, our general dentists have received advanced training from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular treatment of TMJ problems. When we enhance the smiles of our patients, whether through a simple Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment or a complete smile makeover, we always hear the same comments. Our patients are amazed by the power of their new smiles. They feel more confident. They feel happier. They look younger.  Not only do their new smiles enhance their appearance, they enhance their lives as well.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a stunning smile–a smile that is straight and white–why waste another day? You can have the smile you want and deserve with the help of our doctors, advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures, and modern technology. You can start feeling more confident sooner than you may think. Your new smile is just a few visits away.

TMJ Relief

If you suffer from symptoms such as migraine or tension headaches, neck or shoulder pain, jaw pain, clicking or popping of the jaw, ringing in the ears, soreness or stiffness of the jaw muscles or limited opening of your mouth, your symptoms may be attributed to TMJ problems (temporomandibular joint disorder). Effective treatment can resolve these symptoms and improve the quality of your life. The dentists at Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics have been trained in the neuromuscular approach to TMJ treatment. Using computerized instrumentation to record jaw movement and the jaw’s muscle function, your optimal bite position can be determined so that your muscles are in their most relaxed position and tension on the joints can be relieved. Many of our patients have found this treatment to bring permanent relief from the symptoms they have lived with for years.

We Can Create Your Ideal Smile

Our uniquely trained cosmetic dentists not only evaluate your teeth and gums (traditional dentistry), but also the condition of your smile (aesthetic dentistry), and the jaw muscles and jaw joints (neuromuscular dentistry). This training and state of the art technology allows us to accurately diagnose and treat these common dental problems as we renew your smile.
Our smile makeover patients deserve the best that modern dentistry has to offer, so we are continually educating ourselves on the latest advances in caring for your smile. Patients of Pinnacle Dental Aesthetics thank us for increasing their self confidence and quality of life through our comprehensive smile care approach.

If you are looking for a dentist you can trust, please contact us today to schedule a personal smile consultation with one of our dentists.  Our practice serves patients in the Boston, Braintree, and South Shore areas of Massachusetts.